Tradition Fusion is proud to bring traditional and holistic healing and support to you, in the comfort of your home!

Below are our current packages. CAll or email to ask questions and to set up your appointments.


Pre and Post IVF or IUI

2-60 MINUTE appointments $290

These are on call, in home or clinic appointments to support those going through IVF or IUI, and are done within 24 hours before and after insem or transfer. An initial intake can be done over the phone prior to first appointment.


Ready, Set, Go

4-60 MINUTE appointments $460

These are in home appointments to support those that are in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Usually done week 37-40 but can be done earlier if concerned about position of baby. These help with getting the mama ready for an effective and optimal labor, body and mind. Please allow 90 minutes for first appointment to do an initial intake. Acupuncture, Arvigo Technique Mayan Abdominal Massage (ATMAT) and other adjuct therapies used. At home care techniques will also be taught for self and support person if desired.

Price adjusted if mama goes into labor early.


Mama Well PostPartum Care

3+-60 MINUTE appointments $430

This package includes everything you need to heal well after bringing this new life into the world.

Within 24 hours of giving birth: a nourishing and healing tea will be decocted and brought to you

1st-2nd week: Mother Warming Session: This traditional ritual is brought to you in your home in the first 1-2 weeks and uses moxa and wrapping to warm, nurture and heal. Warming techniques can be taught to a support person as well.

3rd-6th week: Acupuncture session: We will use acupuncture to help promote healing and balance as well as address any post partum issues such as milk supply, mood changes/concerns and pain from labor.

6th-10th week: Arvigo Technique Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapy (ATMAT) Ancient Mayan healing techniques are used to help support the body, ligaments, uterus as they adjust and return to their proper place and function. A faja, thin cotton wrap, will be given and instruction on how to use it to improve healing of lower abdomen and ligaments. Bajo or vaginal steams may also be introduced along with simple self care techniques.


Bajo or Vaginal Steams:

120 MINUTES for 4-6 people $390

This is a cleansing, healing and deeply relaxing session to do with others. It is fun, informative and powerful. Your group will learn about Mayan healing techniques, herbs commonly used and will participate in each step of the ritual of steaming. As you each settle into your individualized steam you will get reiki to help relax and deepen this meditative practice. Afterwards, you will have time to rest and an opportunity add in a balancing group acupuncture session for $20 a person. After the rest, each person will get instruction on how to do steams at home as well as a bag of herbs and instructions on how to do a spiritual bath, taking the Mayan Magic home with you.





more information:

In home care visit pricing is for within 15 miles of Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Every 10 miles further out will be an extra $35.
Call 612-554-4753 to schedule.