Video: Phoenix's Birth EXPANDED

This is unedited and the last few minutes of his birth. It is pretty PG! This is a homebirth, water birth with sibling present. Enjoy! It's pretty exciting and I was super surprised at how fast it went at the end. You can tell, ha!

Edit: we added a bit to the video of Hattie climbing in and the birth of his head. Otherwise, it is the same as previously posted.

Video Here!

Blessingway Photographs

The sounds of the wind in the trees, the water in the creek and the music put together for the occasion by Marques, could not have been in more harmony. The well wishes from our closest friends and family from afar made these mamas teary eyed and feel so loved and blessed.

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Maternity Photographs

We spent a beautiful late afternoon shooting our family and maternity photographs on April 16, 2016 at El Matador Beach, Malibu, CA. I'm 33 weeks here. My lovely sister, Jackie Theis, orchestrated and photographed it. Our friend, Rainbow Hursa-Webster, was there to help with all the things and take a few pictures. We had a blast! And were in good company, there were lots of pregnant bellies there that evening all getting their beach pictures. Enjoy looking through what was captured, the goofy, the candid and the posed. Lot of love!

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